SLAY Tactical Spray

As a proud member of the law enforcement community, you protect and serve with honor. The physical demands of your job often leave you and your equipment sweaty, wet and with an unpleasant odor. SLAY Odor Neutralizer effectively kills bacteria that causes odor. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces without leaving any residue. SLAY Odor Neutralizer TACTICAL SPRAY was specifically developed to handle these types of odors and can be applied to Body Armor, Concealable Holsters, Helmets, Footwear, Bags, Lockers and even Auto Interiors. Arm yourself with SLAY Odor Neutralizer TODAY!

* Body Armor
* Holsters
* Auto Interiors
* Helmets
* Footwear
* Bags
* Lockers
* 8 fl oz.

Concealable holsters keep your weapon hidden from sight. What happens on those hot days when that holster is subject to sweat for long periods of time? All of that bacteria begins to develop an offensive odor. Disinfect it with the power of SLAY and say goodbye to all of the bacteria and odors. Allow items to dry after spraying, but if you can’t, don’t worry. SLAY is safe skin contact. Use SLAY.
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Although many of today’s body armor vests are made with modern materials that help keep some odors at bay, the antimicrobial agents used in these fabrics are not enough to keep all of the odor from developing. SLAY is a powerful formula that not only kills bacteria, but the enzymes we use will also reduce odors from pets, food, smoke and mildew. Superior protection for your last line of defense. Use SLAY.

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