SLAY Pro Line Kit

SLAY Pro Line Kit comes with everything you need to keep you scent free all season long! This kit includes every product provided by the SLAY Hunting Line.
Pro Line Kit Includes:

* 12 oz Field Spray
* 4 oz Field Spray
* 12 oz Laundry Detergent
* 12 oz Body Wash & Shampoo
* Under Arm Deodorant
* Face Paint
* Breath Spray

SLAY Field Spray

SLAY Field Spray is a bacterial odor fighting solution that can be sprayed on all your hunting equipment and apparel. it is non-corrosive and will not leave behind a white residue. The sprayer is equipped with a trigger lock. The Field Spray is safe for skin contact and can be used on all materials. SLAY Field Spray comes in 12 fl oz. and a convenient 4 fl oz. spray bottle to be carried to the stand with you!
* Non-Corrosive
* No Cover Scents
* No Bleaching Effects
* No White Residue

SLAY Body Wash and Shampoo

SLAY Body Wash and Shampoo destroys odor causing bacteria and cleanses your body of their waste. Alfalfa, aloe and sunflower derivatives are added to promote healthy skin. SLAY Body Wash and Shampoo comes in a convenient 12 fl oz. bottle for all season use!
* Enzymatic Formula
* No Perfumes
* Washes Off Quickly

SLAY Laundry Detergent

SLAY Laundry Detergent will make your hunting clothes clean and scent neutral. A skin lipid layer like enhancer will leave clothes feeling soft and comfortable to wear. It is also complimented with an enzymatic blood stain remover. SLAY Laundry Detergent comes with an easy to use pump to avoid waste, proper measurement of detergent and is HE machine compatible. 12 fl oz.
* HE Machine Compatible
* Ultra-Concentrated Formula
* No Perfumes Or Cover Scents
* No Dyes or Brighteners

SLAY Face Paint

SLAY Face Paint is a whole new way to camouflage your face. Face masks quickly collect moisture from your breath, creating an environment for odor causing bacteria to grow. Use Slay Face Paint to camouflage your face and keep from being seen as well as smelled by your prey.
This carbon-based liquid paint comes in a squeezable bottle that can conveniently hang from your pack, making it easily accessible once you are safely in your tree-stand. This cream-based formula uses carbon to absorb odors, spreads smoothly and easily washes off skin. This formula is scent free.

SLAY Under Arm Deodorant

SLAY Under Arm Deodorant helps keep underarms scent free. Controlling underarm odor can be problematic. When the heat rises, be assured that you won't stink with our enzymatic based Under Arm Deodorant gel which goes on and stays clear.

2 fl oz.

SLAY Breath Spray

SLAY Breath Spray uses antimicrobial ingredients that help eliminate bad breath. As much as 80% of detectable human odor comes from your mouth. Aloe is added to help lubricate the inside of your mouth. This pen like spray applicator stores easily in your pocket and the clip cap allows quick access.

Approximately 70 sprays. 7.5ml

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